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           Descendants of Joseph Sharp

  Generation 1

1. JOSEPH 1 SHARP b. 1809-11 TN, farmer. He married MYRA ?? b. 1819 TN.
           Married 2nd,
NANCY BROWN abt.1857, (probably in Fentress Co. TN), daughter of Abraham and Elizabeth Brown.

Children of JOSEPH SHARP and MYRA are:

                    SARAH SHARP b.1839 KY
                    MANERVA SHARP  b.1839-42 TN
2.                 WILLIAM W. SHARP b.1842/3 TN
3.                 ISHAM ROLAND SHARP  b.1844/5 TN
                    HELEN M. SHARP  b.1846/7 TN
Children of JOSEPH SHARP and NANCY BROWN are:

                     MILLEY E. SHARP  b.1857/8 TN

NOTES on JOSEPH SHARP and Brown family:

I received this info from ANNA BERTRAM. --Thanks Anna!

Joseph and Myra SHARP were in District 3 of  FENTRESS Co., TN on the 1850 census, about 10 doors away from the household of Abraham "Abram" and Elizabeth "Betsy" BROWN.  Joseph SHARP and some of his children were still there on the 1860 census, so Myra probably died by then. (In my research, that's the conclusion I came to, with Myra being absent on the next census, but I wondered about Milley E., turns out she was daughter of Nancy BROWN--that explains the gap in years of children's birthdates.)

Joseph married Nancy BROWN, daughter of Abraham and Elizabeth BROWN, about 1857. Nancy gave birth to a daughter named MILLEY E. about 1858, then died before the 1860 census, possibly in childbirth. Joseph SHARP took most of his family and moved to Scott Co., TN. His son WILLIAM SHARP, remained in Fentress Co. TN.

There was a
land transaction in 1868 that proves that Joseph SHARP was the widowed husband of the deceased Nancy (BROWN) SHARP.  Fentress Co., TN DEED BOOK K; Page 82-83:
     July 2, 1868: "Joseph SHARP of Scott Co., TN of the 1st part and William W. SHARP of Fentress Co., TN of the second part, for $100 has sold to Wm. W. SHARP seven (7) part in certain tract of land 25 acres more or less, being the share of Daniel BROWN, Abraham BROWN" {NOTE: THIS WAS JR.}   "Sally BROWN, John BROWN, Susan
ABBOT, and Louscinda GOODMAN. Known as Abraham BROWN old place.  Give description. Signed: Joseph SHARP. Reg. Oct. 1, 186_
   Nancy was not listed, so was already dead. Joseph SHARP as her widowed husband, represented the share belonging to their minor child, Milley E. SHARP, who would be entitled to inherit her mother's share.
    Joseph's and Nancy's daughter, Milley E. SHARP, married Daved
STANLEY in Scott Co., TN on or near June 16, 1882 (bond only).
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